Photos from last nights art workshops with the Team GB Olympic Gymnastics team! With some lovely feedback from Olympic Gold medalist Bryony Page.

"It was nice to switch off from the intensity of our Olympic training camps - this was the perfect activity - peaceful, fun, creative - we all had a great time trying something new and Nick led the session really well - was helpful and funny. Thank you!"

I think the funny part was when I said something about I was tempted to google them, but then decided it would actually be a bit daunting to know how many world titles and Olympic medals they had!

In a similar way to when I work in secure units, it can negatively impact the interactions if you know who is in there for which crimes - better to focus on the present and support them to make art without any expectations or pre-ideas.

In both these two settings, they have people involved in their achievements or crimes, but fortunately that's not my job or why I'm there. I'm there to provide a break from their history and what people expect from them - a chance to explore a different side of themselves.

Having said that, now the workshop is done, I've checked them out and what they do is phenomenal! Good luck for @paris2024 ! Here's a few links to their instagrams:



Thanks to Maimee, Gary and Kat for organising!