Celebrating 15 years of Olas Art! For the last 15 years I have been working with young people around the UK introducing them to the benefits of art, and I thought it was time to capture some of this work in a 2 min film.

The project featured in this video was to meet young people at the BS14 Youth Club and find out what made them tick, collect their ideas and spray paint them on the wall. Jacob and Callum were leading the way and acting as mentors to youngers who wanted to learn the same tricks that they were doing, so it felt right to capture them on the wall.

In a similar way to how portraits of royalty were painted back in the day, this turned into a way of bigging up the young people involved, but also the wider street culture of doing mad tricks on bikes. I grew up on on graffiti, skateboarding and hiphop in the 90s so this project was a chance to represent where youth street culture has moved on to from then.

Graffiti: @Olas.Art
Bikes: @_jacob.duncan & _callum.i
Video: @simzcitytv
Music: Active - DefBeats Prod

Thanks to the film master Simeon McCarthy and Young Bristol for commissioning the project.