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The aims of these workshops vary, but they are generally to increase self-esteem and show the young people that they can acheive and learn new skills when they have the right support. It is my job to support an individual at whatever level they are at, to produce something that they are proud of. 

No one likes to fail at something, and people have different levels of how much risk to failure they can cope with. If I was working with someone who had a low self-esteem and had bad experiences of learning in school, I would set them some simple tasks that yield pretty impresssive results without too much time or risk. For example I might ask them whos name that they want to do in graffiti, and draw them an outline for them to trace with carbon paper. This might sound simple, and it is it, that is exactly the point, to start with a simple task and then build it up to something more complicated in both process and end product. 

In some of these young people work towards the Arts Award qualification. Click on the titles below to see photographs of young peoples ideas and artwork.

Graffiti Art Mural Workshops

In this folder is a collection of photos from projects where participants have been involved in spray painting large murals in public places. I love these sorts of workshops because of the team effort involved in designing and producing a painting on such a large scale. Workshops here include murals in schools, on shop shutters, a barbers, youth centres, public parks, and festivals.

Building Positive Relationships

Artwork that has been made by young people for friends, family or members of staff. By making a present for someone, gives the message that you appreciate them and value their friendship, and can be used to express emotions that are hard to say out loud, or find the right time to say them, like I'm sorry or I love you. It also helps to change the artists reputation, as someone who is kind and thoughtful. Making presents for people are very popular in Secure Children's Homes, where visiting times from loved ones are limited and emotionally charged.

Personal Identity & Interests

Using art to express your passions and interests: I don't mind if this is tracing a Nike tick, it's about putting what YOU buzz off into an image. You are the expert on what you like, and I am here to support you to make something based on this. It might sound obvious, but people tend to put a lot more effort into working on art that they have an attachment to, which is perhaps why doing their own names, or names of those that they are close to is very successful.

Offending Artwork

This is a collection of artwork done on themes around crime, where young people express their thoughts or facts to do with the law and offending through imagery. Done on projects in partnership with Secure Children's Homes, Con-Sequence, NACRO and the Leeds, Bradford and Bristol Youth Offending Teams.

Drugs and Substance Awareness

This folder has photos of artwork made by young people, that expresses thoughts, personal experiences and information about substances. The 'no to drugs' slogan is not very useful for young people, they need to know why they might want to make that particular choice, and to know where they can get information and support when they need it. While busy drawing, it is easier to have open discussions about any topic, as it creates a more informal environment, rather than feeling like you are being interrogated.

Primary & Secondary Schools

This is a collection of photos from art projects at schools across Bristol, Yorkshire and Shropshire. Some of these look at themes that are relevant to the curriculum, like spray painting the science lockers with a diagram of the periodic table. Others are part of youth mentoring schemes, where older pupils run and manage their own community projects, like the SAY project with Young Bristol at Merchants Academy, St. Bernettes and Cotham High Schools.

YOT & Secure Childrens Homes

These are pics from urban art workshops done with young people attending YOT ISS or at either the Atkinson or Adel Beck Secure Children's Homes. Big up all the young people who proved that they can do great things when they've got the right support and inspiration. Keep it up! For more info on ISS click here.

"East Moor's approach to examining the reasons for children's behaviour and working with them to find ways of avoiding reoffending has earned it a good reputation.

In an attempt to help them move away from their negative behaviour, the children attend school during normal school hours with the emphasis on numeracy and literacy but also other subjects like art and cookery."

To see a really good short video and article about East Moor Secure Children's Home click here.

Pick N Mix

Some cream of the crop photos from wide variety of projects. Featuring art workshops with The Princes Trust Fairbridge programme and 1625 Independent People in Bristol, a Spanish day in Shropshire, Leeds Central Library, Amirah at the Malcolm X Centre, Keighleys Bangladeshi Centre, and Eagle House with Choices LPW in Knowle West.

Environmental Issues

This folder has photos of workshops where participants designed artwork on themes of not polluting, saving endangered species and sustainability.

Little London Tackle it!

We've been running Urban Art workshops for young people in Little London, working in partnership with PAYP, Positive Futures, the Leeds Youth Service and Speak to the Streets on the Tackle It!

The Urban Art workshop involved painting a 146ft long mural around the now derelict Carlton Towers with young people on Friday nights. The tower block isnt going to get knocked down for a few years, so the mural will be up for a while. Go check it out, its next to the Rifleman pub.

“Instead of us all fighting each other it’s about time someone brought people together to make it a better place to live… It’s the best thing I’ve seen in the time I’ve lived here…and I must have lived here at least 60 years! its right nice and colourful” Clifford, aged 91years old.

Click below to see more:

1) CLICK HERE for BBC article on Tackle It! Little London. (I dont really like this article it hypes up the whole gang thing to make the story more exciting)

2) CLICK HERE for BBC article on Carlton Towers Urban Art project.


On Fire & Road Safety

Over the summer holidays of 2009 & 2010, we delivered a series of graffiti art workshops on fire and road safety themes with young people. The fire-related artwork was used to help process and interpret the information that they were given in the more formal parts of the programme. "I am a youth inclusion co-ordinator for the West Yorkshire Fire & rescue Service. My role is to deliver fire safety messages to young people that are not be in mainstream education, and are at risk due to their anti-social behaviour. The project consisted of fire and safety education interspersed with art. The young people's age ranged from 8 years old to 16." By Ken Hunter, Youth Inclusion Co-ordinator WYFS, Leeds 2010. In partnership with the West Yorkshire Fire Service, the Youth Inclusion Project YIP (NEETs) and Seagulls. Leeds 2009/2010.