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Graffiti Art Mural Workshops 9 pictures

In this folder is a collection of photos from projects where participants have been involved in spray painting large murals in public places. I love these sorts of workshops because of the team effort involved in designing and producing a painting on such a large scale. Workshops here include murals in schools, on shop shutters, a barbers, youth centres, public parks, and festivals.

Aaron adding the last touches to a large mural in the stairway of The Station, Creative Youth Network, Silver Street Brisotl, 2014.
For some murals we use large paint markers, as this can give a very controlled style and precision to a mural. Here is Jim filling in the lettering on a mural at The Station, Creative Youth Network, Silver Street Brisotl, 2014.
The Leeds Rhino mascot having a go filling in the colours! I was surprised that he could even see out of that Rhino head piece, let alone paint! This was at a School Games Sports Day with schools from all over Yorkshire competing at Headingley Campus. Leeds, 2014.
Darren spray painting Gromit's beanie. Participants are not expected to learn how to master a spray can in a short session, but they feel ownership as they have designed the composition and directed me on how and where they want the outlines. Once I had drawn out the figures they fill them in, and later on they direct me as to which bits they want touching. Youth Moves @ The Park, Knowle West, Bristol 2014.
Frankie pealing off the masking tape to reveal the crisp lines black and yellow lines on the pencil. While Shaun spray paints his own customised Nike shoe...I'd buy a pair of them!  Orange, blue and black makes a nice combo. Youth Moves @ The Park, Knowle West, Bristol 2014.
Frankie spray painting a flower on a group mural. They choose to include Wallace & Gromit to represent their city, as it is produced in Bristol. Youth Moves @ The Park, Knowle West, Bristol 2014.
Callum spray painting the spots on a deer. The lads impressed me with their knowledge of wildlife, as they had a passionate debate over the colour of the spots on a young deer. It turned out that a lot of this knowledge was due to an interest in hunting rather than wildlife protection! Knowle West, Bristol @ The Park, Youth Moves 2014.
Residents at St. Georges House chose to design their artwork on the theme of feeling lost and without a home, as they are all living in temporary accommodation. They put the caption, 'Home is where the heart is' underneath. Big up to Brogan, Alex, Aaron, Daryl, Cian, Ashley, Silvia, Duane and all the crew. 1625ip, Bristol, May 2015.
Stairway mural at The Station, Creative Youth Network Youth City Centre headquarters, Silver Street Bristol Jan 2014.