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Building Positive Relationships 8 pictures

Artwork that has been made by young people for friends, family or members of staff. By making a present for someone, gives the message that you appreciate them and value their friendship, and can be used to express emotions that are hard to say out loud, or find the right time to say them, like I'm sorry or I love you. It also helps to change the artists reputation, as someone who is kind and thoughtful. Making presents for people are very popular in Secure Children's Homes, where visiting times from loved ones are limited and emotionally charged.

Brilliant Barca dedicated piece of artwork done by Skelly for his brother, well done! Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Kirby holding the record she made for her Nan and Harrison's that he made for his Mum. Well done crew! Merchants Academy, Youth Moves Hartcliffe Bristol 2014.
Presents made for mothers and brothers in this photo, well done lads great effort. Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds Dec 2013.
Full crew from first session, these lot got busy and most took two or three pieces of art away with them. Well done lads! Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds Dec 2013.
Plenty of presents made in this session, one for a girlfriend, two for members of staff and one for his family - with his reflection on the nature of life: First its given, then taken away. Eastmoor Secure Childrens Home, Leeds Oct 2013.
A great session, with a lot of presents made for Fathers, Grandmothers, friends and Brothers. Well done lads, a lot of talent in this group. Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds 2013.
Jake with his canvas made for his Mum, using carbon paper and the one for his bedroom. Big up. East Moor Secure Children's Home, Leeds July 2013.
All the lads with their days artwork. So many of them wanted to do ones for other people, like their Mums, cousins, little sisters and staff the centre. Like Lewis on the left with his canvas for his uncle Scott, who likes the Buddha.

Big up! East Moor Secure Children's Home, Leeds July 2013.