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Primary & Secondary Schools 8 pictures

This is a collection of photos from art projects at schools across Bristol, Yorkshire and Shropshire. Some of these look at themes that are relevant to the curriculum, like spray painting the science lockers with a diagram of the periodic table. Others are part of youth mentoring schemes, where older pupils run and manage their own community projects, like the SAY project with Young Bristol at Merchants Academy, St. Bernettes and Cotham High Schools.

Everybody makes mistakes but winners learn from them! Boom! Keep practising, believe in yourself and raise the bar! Never give up.

Painted on Arts Day at Cabot Primary School with Year 6. St Pauls Bristol, June 2013.
Painted on Arts Day at Cabot Primary School with Year 4 on the theme of inclusion.

Everyone different, everyone equal.
Celebrate our world.
Join us!
Everyone deserves a part in everything.
Share what we have and what we know!
I will always be your friend.

St Pauls Bristol, June 2013.
Partnership is working together! The class chose to look at animals and how they work together, like bees do, and the bird that eats the food out of the crocodiles teeth...yes! clean teeth.

Painted on Arts Day at Cabot Primary School with Year 5. St Pauls Bristol, June 2013.
Community Day at Bristol City Academy, Easton Bristol July 2013.

Every brick makes a wall and every person makes a community! 
I have a dream...
Accepting peoples differences as well as similarities. 
Together everyone achieves more, 
A good community helps the weakest rather than just the strongest!! 

Big up to Shanequa, Le-Keysha, Cardale, Wayne, conor, Tremanyne, Amari, Sagal, said, and man like Sir Ruscoe! P-PR.
Periodic Table on the science lockers at Mary Webb School...tooth paste for flouride and gas maks for Chlorine! Shropshire Mar 2013.
Everybody needs love n bleeds blood! Big! Appleton Academy, props to Salma and everyone involved. March 2013.
Painted with the VACC youth group, on the theme of Unity, with a lion coming out of the closet to represent courage when new doors in their future are opening. 

'U n I, that is unity, you and I, TY!': King Kong

Big up to everyone involved at Voices And Choices Committee and Leeds Youth Service in partnership with OlasArt. Railway arches near Corn Exchange Leeds, Aug 2012.