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Offending Artwork 12 pictures

This is a collection of artwork done on themes around crime, where young people express their thoughts or facts to do with the law and offending through imagery. Done on projects in partnership with Secure Children's Homes, Con-Sequence, NACRO and the Leeds, Bradford and Bristol Youth Offending Teams.

Callum with his vinyl record art work based on issues of peer pressure, Bristol YOT Oct 2013.
Leeds City Museum Feb 2013.
After a talk by Naz from Consequence on what it was like to get sentenced to 9 years in prison for getting caught with 3kg of heroin. Naz talked about how it was when he heard his mother crying when the judge sentenced him when his heart sank. Up until then he didnt care and even chucked his shoe at the judge!

What Kailume picked out was that no matter how much of a gangster you you are you still have feelings behind the mask of a badman. 

Little London, Leeds 2010.
'Carry a Knife = max 4 years prison' = By Keeley, Kala Sangam, Bradford 2010.
“Love = Prison...If U love me you wouldn’t ask me to carry”.

Rachel's message is that if a boyfriend asks you to look after a weapon for him then he does not care about you as much as he says - he's putting you at risk and using you. Whoever is caught with the weapon is the one that gets punished. Wetherby's Women’s prison has had a increase in inmates because of this. Maximum sentence = 5 years. 

By Rachel, Kala Sangam, Bradford 2010.
'Do the crime do the time' - By Nicole, Kala Sangam Bradford, 2010.
'Sentence for Toys' - You are likely to get the same prison sentence whether you use a real gun or a toy (eg BB gun) in a robbery. After a workshop from a Police Firearms specialist,  Kala Sangam Bradford 2010.
Riches to Rags: by Nasak after a talk by Con-Sequence on prison life. What stood out for Nasak was when Naz was talking about how one minute he was living like a king and the next he was wearing prison clothes, eating crap food and sharing a toilet with his cellmate. Keighley 2010.
Easy come easy go: Done after a talk by Naz from Con-Sequence about how the money he earnt from dealing was all confiscated when he was sentenced. Keighley 2010.
'23hr lock up' by Mohsin, after a talk delivered by Con-Sequence on prison life. You get 1hr out of your cell. Keighley 2010.
Jacks Kick Racism out of my sight....NOW! Workshops for the Signpost project. March 2010