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On Fire & Road Safety 5 pictures

Over the summer holidays of 2009 & 2010, we delivered a series of graffiti art workshops on fire and road safety themes with young people. The fire-related artwork was used to help process and interpret the information that they were given in the more formal parts of the programme. "I am a youth inclusion co-ordinator for the West Yorkshire Fire & rescue Service. My role is to deliver fire safety messages to young people that are not be in mainstream education, and are at risk due to their anti-social behaviour. The project consisted of fire and safety education interspersed with art. The young people's age ranged from 8 years old to 16." By Ken Hunter, Youth Inclusion Co-ordinator WYFS, Leeds 2010. In partnership with the West Yorkshire Fire Service, the Youth Inclusion Project YIP (NEETs) and Seagulls. Leeds 2009/2010.

Watching a car get cut open after a fake accident and how the fire service would take the victim out on a stretcher being careful not to move the spine, Leeds 2010.