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YOT & Secure Childrens Homes 29 pictures

These are pics from urban art workshops done with young people attending YOT ISS or at either the Atkinson or Adel Beck Secure Children's Homes. Big up all the young people who proved that they can do great things when they've got the right support and inspiration. Keep it up! For more info on ISS click here.

"East Moor's approach to examining the reasons for children's behaviour and working with them to find ways of avoiding reoffending has earned it a good reputation.

In an attempt to help them move away from their negative behaviour, the children attend school during normal school hours with the emphasis on numeracy and literacy but also other subjects like art and cookery."

To see a really good short video and article about East Moor Secure Children's Home click here.

Train hard, fight easy, boy better know! Well done Jaden, great effort and attitude to learning new skills. Adel Beck Secure Children's Home, Leeds May 2015.
Artwork done by Adams House based on topics of road safety after their three week course with The West Yorkshire Fire Service about the risks of joyriding, driving under the influence and who are the victims of road collisions.
Callum and Lewis with their pieces of artwork: well done lads! Great effort and determination through the session...good job that dog is attached to the pole Lewis! Adel Beck Secure Home, Leeds May 2015.
Done for his dog, Leo, Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Brilliant Barca dedicated piece of artwork done by Skelly for his brother, well done! Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Good fish come to those who wait, yes Lewis big up! Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Peace be with you by Aqueeb, Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
By Richard, One life live it! Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve! By Cami, Eastmoor, Leeds April 2014.
Presents made for mothers and brothers in this photo, well done lads great effort. Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds Dec 2013.
These were made to decorate the group work room.
Full crew from first session, these lot got busy and most took two or three pieces of art away with them. Well done lads! Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds Dec 2013.
Skelly showed great character through the session, and took an interest in putting philosophical quotes into his work, and inspired others to do so as well. At one point a lad said that he was going to give up, but Skelly stood up and pointed out that the quote the lad wanted was about not giving up. Job done, maximum respect. Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds Dec 2013.
Plenty of presents made in this session, one for a girlfriend, two for members of staff and one for his family - with his reflection on the nature of life: First its given, then taken away. Eastmoor Secure Childrens Home, Leeds Oct 2013.
A great session, with a lot of presents made for Fathers, Grandmothers, friends and Brothers. Well done lads, a lot of talent in this group. Eastmoor Secure Children's Home, Leeds 2013.
Jake with his canvas made for his Mum, using carbon paper and the one for his bedroom. Big up. East Moor Secure Children's Home, Leeds July 2013.
All the lads with their days artwork. So many of them wanted to do ones for other people, like their Mums, cousins, little sisters and staff the centre. Like Lewis on the left with his canvas for his uncle Scott, who likes the Buddha.

Big up! East Moor Secure Children's Home, Leeds July 2013.
Leeds City Museum Feb 2013.
Aasiyah with a strong message! Big up, Bradford YOT Oct 2012.
Cooney smashed it with the fresh n clean style, Bradford YOT, Oct 2012.
Abdal with Biggie smalls pon the mic! Bradford YOT Oct 2012.
Jordan's pop eye ting, smashed it with the carbon paper to get the pop eye from a print out. Bradford YOT, Oct 2012.
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Craig, Eastmoor Secure unit, Leeds 2011.
Liverpool by James
Err its man utd!
Sponge bob init!
Reading 'Danny of Baildon', he was keen to learn new techniques and when he had learnt one he was asking for the next, and this is the result. He sprayed and then designed the piece ona old vinyl record using paint pens, quality Nov 09