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Environmental Issues 3 pictures

This folder has photos of workshops where participants designed artwork on themes of not polluting, saving endangered species and sustainability.

Put a cork in it! The average dairy cows burps and farts out between 100-500 litres of methane gas. This is equal to the pollution produced by a car in a day. Showing that by farming cows for diary products like milk, cheese and butter contributes to the amount of greenhouse gases, which in turn increases global warming. 

<a href= Click here to read more at www.science.howstuffworks.com Vinyl by David Mapp from Marry Webb School & Science College. Big up! 2011."/>
Do you want to kill the polar bear? If not then stop polluting out world! By Kirsty at Marry Webb School & Science College, 2011.
'Know The Enemy!' warning about the threat to nature from nuclear power, by O'Boyle at Mary Webb School and Science College.