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Little London Tackle it! 5 pictures

We've been running Urban Art workshops for young people in Little London, working in partnership with PAYP, Positive Futures, the Leeds Youth Service and Speak to the Streets on the Tackle It!

The Urban Art workshop involved painting a 146ft long mural around the now derelict Carlton Towers with young people on Friday nights. The tower block isnt going to get knocked down for a few years, so the mural will be up for a while. Go check it out, its next to the Rifleman pub.

“Instead of us all fighting each other it’s about time someone brought people together to make it a better place to live… It’s the best thing I’ve seen in the time I’ve lived here…and I must have lived here at least 60 years! its right nice and colourful” Clifford, aged 91years old.

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1) CLICK HERE for BBC article on Tackle It! Little London. (I dont really like this article it hypes up the whole gang thing to make the story more exciting)

2) CLICK HERE for BBC article on Carlton Towers Urban Art project.


After a talk by Naz from Consequence on what it was like to get sentenced to 9 years in prison for getting caught with 3kg of heroin. Naz talked about how it was when he heard his mother crying when the judge sentenced him when his heart sank. Up until then he didnt care and even chucked his shoe at the judge!

What Kailume picked out was that no matter how much of a gangster you you are you still have feelings behind the mask of a badman. 

Little London, Leeds 2010.
Macca painting on a commission at Base Hair cuts in Morley. Leeds July 2011.
Designed and painted by Little London lads for Base Hair Studios in LL. Props to Savion, Darin, Trayvon, Kailume, Darnell and Ross. Leeds Dec 2011.
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