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Social Action Youth Project

Here's a video about a pilot project that was delivered in Bristol, where young people were supported to make positive changes to areas of their communities that they felt needed up lifting. Over 1000 young people across Bristol and South Gloucestershire took part.

My job was to deliver a series of Graffiti Art Workshops, where I would teach young people some particular creative techniques of design, composition and how to use spray paint. This group then went on to teach another group of young people the skills that they had learnt. The benifits of this kind of peer mentoring is that the young people can the chance to be both the learner and the teacher in a short space of time.

We worked in Cotham High School, Merchants Academy and the Young Peoples Centre in Hartcliffe. Big up to all the young people who took part, and to the Young Bristol Team for organising the Graffiti Art Project. 2014-15.


Radio Frequency FM Studio

For the Radio Frequency crew at their new non-pirate radio studio, Olas Hack and Klone March 2012. If you live in Leeds find them at 90.4 fm rinsing garage, bassline, DnB and more. Shouts to Shock, Aaron and Saul...and hold tight Yami Bolo on the soundtrack, 'Cool it down'.

Car Cover Project with Leeds Youth Offending Team 2012

This is a short documentary about a youth project where young people were commissioned to design and spray paint a car cover. Olas Art in partnership with the Youth Offending Team, Specialised Covers, Stretch and Radio Frequency. Filming by Garnet Dore, and edited by Chole Plumb (vimeo).

Big up to R'Keya, Mickey, Rakeem, Nathan and Sophie! Also props to art teacher Jake Gardiner. Leeds, May 2012.

Community Cohesion & Conflict Managment Documentary: Bradford 2009

Documentary on community integration and tension between asian and eastern european young men in Bradford. Using graffiti as a tool for meeting two groups of young men on the streets and expressing their thoughts. Then bringing them together and giving them training in negotiation skills and anger management.

Project by Community Accord, OlasArt and Maciej.
Video produced by Jim Woodland.

Beeston Nintendo Production

Painted on the side of the Urban Youth Bar in Beeston, Malvern Road Leeds, 2011. Big up everyone involved.

Bradford City Centre

Painted on the hoardings around the black hole of Bradford...'tekin bratfod t next level bro', said a lad who was on his way to buy a horse. July 2011.

Machynlleth Community Garden

Jungle scene painted in a community shed with the help of all the volunteers, shout out to Tasha, Titch, Callum, Kate, Norma, Dan, Machynlleth in Wales, March 2012.

Eden festival 2011

Featuring Maddie's rainbow fairy, the dragon caravan, Ali's caterpillar, the kids wagon, Bobbies caravan and Die's Ivy van! These were just 6 out of 11 that weekend!! Eden Festival 2011.

Raja's Balti House

Taj Mahal and peacock theme painted for Burley's new curry house, Leeds. June 2011.

Black Panther and Snake van

Joes Black Panther and Snake van: the black dark death side has carnivorous plants like the Fly Catcher and Pitcher plant that digests insects that fall into its beaker shaped leaves. The sign of a predator spider web. The other is a snake coiling like a DNA helix, nothing to do with adam and eve. With tribal on bonnet by Hack. Appley Bridge 2009 and July 2011.

Knockengorroch 2011

Featuring the caterpillar van, frog caravan, freaky geordie van and Scots Micks peacock with fruit pastel celtic band. Big up Klone! Knockengorroch festival, Scotland 2011.

Bradford wild life bro

Featuring the bumblebee, ladybird, peacock butterfly, magpie caterpillar, oak, ivy, foxglove, rose, blackberry, dandelion, daisy, holly, fern, passion fruit. Thought about doing it with some exotic tropical scene then thought no! theres enough quality stuff locally. Painted at the Bradford College on the theme of a local wild life in partnership with the Students Union, thanks to all the students who helped out! 2011.

Peace In the Park 2010

In Sheffield: Olas Klone Lucifier VIP 2010.

Vansporn Beatherder 2010

Featuring the World cup car, grinning backside, the snorkel ambulance and the peace and love caravan. All painted at Beatherder festival 2010.