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Painted Bedrooms 15 pictures

I spray paint bedrooms, bathrooms and any other walls to fit your budget, whether big or small. If you are interested and would like a quote don't be shy, it's my job! Just send me a message with what sort of theme and the area that you live, and I will get back to you with some suggestions and a price.

The Hulk trying to give Batman a bashing in the bedroom of Towie and Garner, Bradford 2015.
This bedroom was inspired by the artwork from a children's book called, Good Night Digger, which Oaken is obsessed with! Leeds, 2015.
Tegan's R8 Audi Convertible!! With Blackpool Tower and wheel in the background...Belle Isle, Leeds Oct 2012.
Max with his Call Of Duty themed bedroom. I asked him if he would get scared waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a gunman next to his bed and he said,
Gary and Felix in front of Badman Batman kicking Joker out of the room! Shrewsbury, Dec 2012.
Ellis and Harley with his Van Persie Man Utd bedroom...Joe Hart is not saving this one! FA Cup Final. Tong Street Bradford Jan 2013.
Unique with her new bedroom and her brother Ethan, St Pauls Bristol Dec 2013.
Alfie with his BMX themed bedroom, Middleton Leeds 2013.
Nathan's YZ85 Yamaha ripping off road, Bierley Bradford June 2014.
Jakodi!! Speedwell Bristol, April 2014.
Marching On Together!! Leeds Leeds Leeds!!! and Koby, Middleton 2012.
Lily with her lily mural and sister Flo...there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Speedwell Bristol, July 2014.
Oliver's bedroom, Huddersfield Jan 2014.
Mitsubishi Evo 10 ripping through Panny's bedroom, Bierley Bradford 2013.