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Assorted 8 pictures

In this folder there are photos from both: 1) Shrewsbury Dubclub - This was a reggae and dub night that we we ran in Shrewsbury from 2003 - 2007, where we soundsystems such as Channel One, Jah Shaka, AbaShanti-I, Jah Tubbys, Iration Steppas and many others played roots music to nice up the dance alongside my artwork. This was the early days of OlasArt, where I was realising how I could produce artwork that would be seen in public in other ways than graffiti. 2) Influences from India - Artwork that was inspired by travelling in India in 2004, including Tamil Kollams and a Saddhu portrait.

I think everyone should be considered part of this family...even if they are missing one or more of these! These three represent a unity that crosses superficial differences such as language etc. If everyone had their feet out people might feel more similar to each other. For dubclub Uv paint 2007
Royal Lion Selector, ultra-violet paint and brush 2005.
Dub snake meditating on bass weight. Uv paint 2005.
Aba-Shanti-I rocking at the dubclub, Shrewsbury, 2004.
Jah Tubbys in session at the Shrewsbury Dubclub, 2006.
Mikey Dread from Channel One Sound System dropping the needle, at Shrewsbury Dubclub. 2005.
Pete from Ma-Kaya Sound System, from Birmingham at Shrewsbury Dubclub, 2004.
Iration Steppas at the Dubclub. May.2008