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Letters N Tings 18 pictures

These are photos of lettering, faces and murals painted at festivals like Unity Day, Knockengorroch, Peace In the Park and other places.

Old classic from back in the day on the back of the Burley Park newsagents, with my main man, Klone! Leeds 2013.
South Leeds Stadium: props to Klone, Eject, and all the youth at Prince Philip, Stainbeck and South Leeds Hub. Sept 2012.
Olas & Klone, props to Taz and crew! Chapletown Leeds Feb 2013.
1: Olas
2: Boms & Olas
3: Olas & Klone
1: Olas
2: Song, Olas & LL 
3: Sune, Olas & Hack
1) Klone, Olas, Forkie
2) Eject, Glok, Olas, Klone
3) Hack, Rtoe, Dyson, Olas
4) Olas, Pant, Hack
Klone, Olas, Hack, Glok
Waynes second hand furniture shop on Woodhouse Street, Leeds. Mans a don - big up City Beats! March 2012.
Kenny's bedroom Barcelona, Spain 2012.
Peace in the Park, Ponderosa Park, Sheffield 2011.
Beeston Youth Centre, Leeds 2012.
Halifax, August 2011.
Leeds 2010.
Leeds 2010.
Bradford City Centre, August 2011.
Barrington Levy cyaan done! Rocker Mikey Dread selection, Channel One Sound System,
Stevie, Tyrone, Connor, Keenan, Simba and Blessed, big up! Chapletown Leeds Feb 2013.