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Commissions 20 pictures

These are photos of murals, where I have been commissioned to design and paint something that is tailored to your needs. This includes artwork for bedrooms, shops, schools, youth centres, gyms, garages and offices. Please send me a message if you have any questions or for a quick quote.

City Academy Bristol 2018.
City Academy Bristol 2018.
City Academy Bristol 2018.
City Academy Bristol 2018.
City Academy Bristol 2018.
Recent portrait of the late great Gregory Isaacs, Bristol 2019.
Tour De France mural painted in Leeds City Centre, as part of the Tour De Yorkshire 2014. Dedicated to Tommy Simpson who died whilst riding his bike up the Mont Ventoux in 1967. He fell off once due to exhaustion, but famously said to the crowd to 'put me back on my bike'. The German devil man is a fanatical Tour De France fan, named Didi Senft, who has attended every Tour since 1993. Props to Klone and Eject who organised the mural! Leeds July 2014.
KudaCan Childrens Nursery and play group on Dongola Avenue, Bishopston, Bristol (May 2013). See more at: www.kudacan.co.uk
Stairway mural at The Station, Creative Youth Network Youth City Centre headquarters, Silver Street Bristol Jan 2014.
From jungle to beach to ice caps in Huddersfield, painted around the edge of a swimming pool, March 2014.
They have a music night on Wednesdays, where up to 70 young eastern european kids come and jam out with instruments. Red lining! Toller Lane Youth Centre,. Big up to Naz, Heather and Klone. Bradford March 2013.
Turtles at Toller Lane Youth Centre, Bradford March 2013.
Going deep under on the stairs, Toller Lane Youth Centre, Bradford March 2013.
Fran's bathroom, Scott Hall Leeds Jan 2013.
Stratford Street gym with Rasheed and bro, Leeds Beeston Nov 2012.
Romeo's Diner, with a American Italian vibe. Great Horton Road, Bradford, June 2012.
Gary and Felix in front of Badman Batman kicking Joker out of the room! Shrewsbury, Dec 2012.
Raja's Resturant in Burley, Leeds February 2012.