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Painting On Wheels 21 pictures

This week I av bin mostly paintin on wheels...transit vans, converted ambulances, three wheelers, broken astras, caravans, trailers, a Passat and yours if you fancy? Even a boat in there too now...

Big Gorilla for Papa Davey, who looks a bit like a silver back himself! Hexham, Newcastle, Jan 2016.
Robot's smashing up the city on Gaz's VW van, Armley Leeds 2012.
Di's van painted two years in row at  Beatherder Festival, Lancashire, July 2012.
Geordie Papa Dave's camper trailer, made out of found metal boshed together...had too bed in there! Eden Festival, Dumfries July 2012.
Olly's wildlife UK, Leeds July 2012.
The death and dark side of Jo's van, with the carnivorous plants. The pitcher plant that attracts insects into the tube of digestion fluid...and of course the Venus fly trap. Painted canal-side Leeds August 2011.
The other side of Tims big Snap On van. This theme was requested by Tatiana to balance the red haired animals in the sun on the other side of the van. Leeds, August 2011.
Chris's Heavy Metal Engineering company...and before you ask no he prefers trance to metal! Nice fresh mussels in butter garlic sause...Mallaig Scotland, July 2011.
The snorkeler getting chased by jaws at Beatherder Festival, Yorkshire 2010.
On the back of Dazs Toyota, Beatherder Festival, July 2011.
Eden Festival, Dumfries Scotland 2011.
On Skys Post Office van, Eden Festival, Scotland 2011.
Eden Festival, Scotland 2011.
Celtic cross to cause havok in Igleton, on Jimmys bonnet. Knockengorroch festival Scot. May 2010
Ferrari Astra beast! Leeds April 2010.
Tim's Snap On van. It's a monster, more like the size of a lorry. He put a burner, bed and all the other homely stuff in there and drove out to Portugal. Leeds Dec 09
karma karma karma karmeelion on Alexs car, Keighley Bradford 09
Joe wanted snakes and an apple tree on her van. I like the way the tail whips up and makes a circular shape from this angle. Leeds May 2009
Tiger painted from a photo with spray paint on Tims van. Feb.2009
This car is now faster than a Ferrari, Crane match box Feb.2009