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This week I av bin mostly paintin on wheels...transit vans, converted ambulances, three wheelers, broken astras, caravans, trailers, a Passat and yours if you fancy? Even a boat in there too now...

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Tim's Snap On van. It's a monster, more like the size of a lorry. He put a burner, bed and all the other homely stuff in there and drove out to Portugal. Leeds Dec 09
karma karma karma karmeelion on Alexs car, Keighley Bradford 09
Puff the rainbow dragon on the otherside of Karl and Ambers van. We were sitting there and Amber said she'd love to learn how to spray paint...well come on then lets do it! and this was the result. Knockengorroch, Scotland 2009
Joe wanted snakes and an apple tree on her van. I like the way the tail whips up and makes a circular shape from this angle. Leeds May 2009
Tiger painted from a photo with spray paint on Tims van. Feb.2009
This car is now faster than a Ferrari, Crane match box Feb.2009