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Posted on Monday 16th of July 2018

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Mural for Platinum Imports of Japanese Car Parts

I have just finished a commissioned mural for Platinum Imports of Japanese car parts. They wanted the iconic Nissan Skyline GTR R34 painting in their garage in Leeds, and it was great working with such a car fanatic - down to every last detail and customisation, we worked together, with his knowledge and my hand to create this mural.

Posted on Monday 16th of July 2018

36 Metre Mural with Year 7s at Cotham School

Last week I finished delivering a series of workshops with the 70 Year 7 students at Cotham School. They designed and spray painted a 36 metre long mural on the hoarding boards where the new classrooms are to be built. 

In the current right wing climate of scapegoating immigrants and dividing our country based on religion, the students choose to celebrate the diverse nationalities that make up their school.

The students were an extremely creative bunch, and I look forward to doing more art with them!

Posted on Monday 16th of July 2018

Graffiti Workshops YMCA Mendip

 I've started delivering a series of Graffiti workshops with young people attending youth clubs across Somerset, in partnership with YMCA Mendip. If you live in Coleford, Frome or Yeovil get in touch with YMCA Mendip for more details.

Posted on Thursday 22nd of March 2018

4 Massive Murals @ City Academy! Tigers, Panthers, Lions and Leopards

I am very pleased that the murals I've been sweating away over for the
last month, are not only getting seen by so many people, but also that
they are making people smile and go wow! This for me is the crazy
thing about art - that the end product can look so detailed and
finished that it is hard to imagine how it was made. So I'd like to
explain that it is not magic, or something that you are born doing -
it's hard work and patience. I think most people could do
paintings like these, it might take them 5, 10 or 15 years to get the
skills, but they could get them if they stuck at took me 16 years!

It was essential to have good sources to work from. If you have
rubbish sauces the art will never taste as good! Google images was
essential for this.

After doing a few rough outlines, I will look at them and them do a
bit of a spot the difference - why does the nose on my leopard look
weird compared to the photo? Because it's too small and too high up
the face! So I'll trim a bit off and not stop until it's the right
size. It doesn't matter what you start with, the important thing is
that you start and then chisel away at it till it's the shape that you
want. Sometimes with these murals, I wouldn't really know what was the
shape that I wanted, but I found them by experimenting, making
mistakes, adjusting the angles, adding more and more layers. The white
highlights are often the last touch at the end that makes the piece
pop out.

About my self-employed art business:

I have always been called Nick, and only referred to my full name
Nicholas when I was in trouble. There was a time when graffiti art was
getting me in trouble because I was doing it in places that I didn't
have permission. What I liked was that loads of people could see it,
but I didn't like the trouble that it brought. I enjoyed drawing as a
child, and remember tracing a picture of an eagle. I showed my parents
who were amazed and gave me a lot of respect for it...assuming that I
had drawn it free hand! My brother let the cat out the bag, and told
them I'd traced it, which kind of burst the bubble. I have gone on to
make tracing a main art of my business.

After finishing university, I was at a loose end...I had studied
Philosophy and there was no clear job at the end of it. I began
volunteering at a youth centre in Leeds, where they were doing
graffiti workshops. One day the main man, Toby, (who does graffiti art
under the name of Sune), was ill so they asked me to step in and
deliver the session. I realised I could show the young people
techniques that they enjoyed using. I setup a MySpace page under the
name of Olas Art, using the second half of Nich-olas and putting art
on the end so there was no mystery what it was about. That was about
10 years ago and been self employed since then, doing a mixture of
commissions where it is just me painting, and graffiti workshops where
I show people simple techniques that get quick particular
- tracing. I have done workshops for both adult and youth prisons,
hospitals, fire service and first did workshops at City Academy in
2014 with Derek Scaled at Aspire/Engage. (Please see attached pics
with artwork by Daren and Samy's present for his cousin Ezel.)

The good thing about graffiti art is that you can get a message across
with it, and I have enjoyed doing this with the murals at City
Academy. I am not an expert in any of these subjects, so looked around
some of the classrooms and took ideas from them, like the posters that
students had made in the science labs showing the different symbols
for a toxic and corrosive substances. I was relieved that the maths
teacher Mr. Ruscoe only found one error in my maths section, which I
have now corrected!

I'll be getting all the photos up on here soon...hold tight! Thanks to Derek, Donna, Nick, Rob, Derek and Jon for gettting me in on this project, it's been one of my faviourite!

Posted on Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Spray Painting Rubbish Bins with LPW, Young Bristol & Gen-ECO

Over the last few months I have been booked to help young people and local residents to spray paint their bins, and turn their rubbish bins into masterpieces!

The first of these was back in May, where I teamed up with Young Bristol and Gen-ECO, to deliver some workshops at the Lawrence Weston Youth Centre. You can see and read more about this at the Young Bristol website:

Over August, I was busy again spray painting bins in Brislington, this time with Debs and Leon from LPW. We must have painted over 15 bins, not to mention other random things that people brought down, like bikes, tables, skateboards, scooters and mobile phone cases!

Posted on Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Bristol Foyer Emergency Housing

Big up to everyone at the Bristol Foyer! The graffiti art workshops have started back up there, and every Tuesday we are delivering art workshops for the residents. So far we've had a lot of postive outcomes, here's a few highlights:

"There were some animated debates, including topics about religion
and immigration that I hadn't expected. At times these felt volatile,
but at least they felt comfortable enough to get their ideas out
there, in a space where they could be challenged and where they had
the choice to re-consider their views in a supportive environment.

In particular there was a resident who was in the session that was
saying that all Muslims are terrorists. I challenged him on the fact
that 'all' Muslims where terrorists, and actually whether to be a
Muslim terrorist was even a bit of a contradiction, seeing that Islam
means peace. This led to a discussion where other residents began
chipping in, about the role of religion, and the effects that the
media have in stereotyping minority groups. The resident that had
initially started the conversation, agreed that what he had said was
wrong, (I was glad to see, because there was a bit of an audience
around the table), and talked about his experience of racism. This was
all while he was working on the picture below - he asked for me to
leave some pens, so he could carry on drawing through the week and get

some designs ready for the next session."


Posted on Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

Mary Webb Science & Tecnology College

Yesterday I was delivering a Graffiti art workshop for the students at Mary Webb School & Science College in Pontesbury, Shropshire. The task was to re-vamp the schools lockers, and turn them into a positive message board for learning.

On one side of the lockers the students designed a picture of Einstein, using question marks to create his wild hair, and included a quote from him: "The important thing is not to stop questioning, curiosity has its reason for existing"....great to use spray paint as a means of encouraging young people to question everything...including fake news and lies.

The other lockers were dedicated to the subjects and careers of STEM (Science, Tecnology, Engineering & Maths). Big up to everyone involved! 

Posted on Friday 17th of March 2017

Barnardos Childrens Graffiti Mural In Bristol

I have just finished spray painting the Barnardos playroom over a series of mural workshops where young people spray painted their innovative designs in a complete re-vamping of the space. They wanted to take up the floor laminate, (which wasn't easy but we did it!), before we spray painting a massive snakes and ladders on one side of the room and an illusion that looks like your about to fall into a deep pool in the other. Big up everyone involved, and a special shout to Kieran from Merchants Academy for his hard work! Olas Art & Barnardos @ The Fulford Family Centre in Hartcliffe, South Bristol.

See more here about the brilliant support that Barnardos provide nationally for vulnerable children and families:

Posted on Thursday 19th of May 2016

Trinity Leeds City Centre Mural

I have recently been back up in Leeds working on a massive project with artist and friend, Elliot Wigzell. We were comissioned to paint a mural representing Leeds in the Trinity Shopping Centre, which gets a foot fall of 22 million people pass through every year! 

The Mural gives props to the sound system culture and the Leeds West Indian Carnival, which is the longest running West Indian carnival in Europe. The film strip theme was inspired by the fact that the world's first moving image was recorded in Leeds in 1888. The Brownlee brothers, who were born in Bramhope and won various Olympic gold medals in the Triathalon. Also featuring the town hall, the Yorkshire rose and the Leeds Owl. 





Posted on Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Graffiti Workshops Against Racism with Kick It Out & Bristol City FC

Olas Art provided graffiti art workshops for the Kick It Out football tournament and training programme at City Academy, along side coaches from Bristol City Youth Development Team and the FA last week. There was an Introduction to Football Coaching, Futsall tournament, FA Skills carousel and the magical Frankie Vu with his freestyle football skills. While teams were on rotation, they had the chance to design and produce a graffiti art vinyl record as a reminder of the day. 

It was great working alongside the Kick It Out Team, and I hope to continue this relationship, as the power of football to both reach and support young people is massive. I remember seeing this in Leeds when I delivered art programes alongside Lutel James, Will Bowler and the and the Chapeltown Youth Development Team in Scott Hall (CFYDC).

Kick It Out is football’s equality and inclusion organisation.

Working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change, the organisation is funded by The Football Association (FA), the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), the Premier League and The Football League.


A small independent charity, the ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football’ campaign was established in 1993 in response to widespread calls from clubs, players and fans to tackle racist attitudes existing within the game. Kick It Out was then established as a body in 1997 as it widened out its objectives to cover all aspects of inequality and exclusion.

Troy Townsend, (Education and Development Manager): "Our mentoring programme provides a platform to gain guidance from those already working in the game, with the aim of diversifying football's workforce" 

Hayley Bennett, (Education Officer): "We educate the game on the importance of equality and use the power of football to reach schools, universities and communities".

See more at the Kick It Out website:

Posted on Monday 11th of April 2016

Graffiti Art Workshops For KTS Training & The Dings Youth Centre

Last week Olas Art delivered some graffiti art workshops for the learners attending KTS training at the St. Paul's city centre branch, where they customised some graffiti clocks with their own designs, see testimonials for feedback from the learners and staff:

"KTS Training which offers an educational study programmes Study Programmes (16-18). We will help you to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, in a range of areas, as well as build your confidence and self – esteem. All Study Programmes are designed to give you the employability and social skills you need to progress into employment or further training."

See more about what KTS offers here:

I was also delivering art workshops for a children's group at The Dings Youth Centre, and was delighted to see a young man called Alfie, who I had worked with years ago at Netham Park. He had practiced the styles that I taught him, and took a lead on the session helping others with their artwork. 

Posted on Friday 11th of December 2015

Leeds Travellers Site: Cottingley Springs

I've been delivering art workshops at Cottingley Springs Gypsy and Traveller site in Leeds since 2012, and last week it was very nice to be back up there working with the young people and parents, in partnership with Leeds GATE. The aim was to paint the porter cabin, which is their only communal meeting place, and to re-vamp the playground by painting some point markers in the basketball court. Working with young people at Cottingley Springs has been one of my career highlights.

"The kids loved it and we had about 18 young people and 5 adults getting very artistic. We were really pleased to get feedback from Nick saying how much he’d enjoyed working with our young people and it made us all very proud, as a community, of what we can achieve when we all work together."

Read more and see photos here:

Posted on Monday 23rd of November 2015

Graffiti Workshops @ The Bristol Foyer

Since October I've been back at The Bristol Foyer every Tuesday, doing graffiti art workshops and we've been getting some great feedback from residents. Many of them thought that they didn't like art, but after a few weeks they are now arriving early to baggsy their seat and bringing personal projects to the table.

"The Bristol Foyer offers emergency and short term accommodation for young people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness." See more info about the Bristol Foyer here:

Posted on Wednesday 18th of November 2015

Brigshaw High School Mural in Yorkshire Evening Post!

Talented Young artists have made their mark on a footpath that leads to their school. Dozens of pupils from Brigshaw High School in Allerton Bywater helped paint a colourful mural on the walls of the Lines Way bridge. The footpath, which had been vandalised with graffiti, is an old railway track that was converted to connect Allerton Bywater and Kippax to the school. The project was organised by travel charity Sustrans, Leeds City Council, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Nick Halahan from Olas Art.

Read more at the Yorkshire Evening Post website:

Posted on Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Henbury Murals against fly tipping with Young Bristol feature in magazine: 24/7

Hitting big time with getting into the Bristol based magazine, 24/7, who have done a feature on a project I was working on with Young Bristol up in Henbury, on Machin Road. They have a problem with people dumping rubbish and old broken furniture out in the street, so after a meeting with locals they decide to brighten up the area with a few murals which were designed and painted with young people on the street.

Read more and see some photos at the 24/7 website:

Posted on Tuesday 15th of September 2015

Spray painting bikes with Life Cycle

 Had a good few sessions over the Summer Holidays working alongside Yusef and Steph from Life Cycle, helping young people to give their bikes a fresh re-spray. We were working at the LPW ran Adventure Playgrounds at three sites across Bristol: St. Pauls, Lockleaze and Southmead. Check out there website here:

Posted on Tuesday 15th of September 2015

Crewkerne Playground Mural

 "A wall at a playground in Crewkerne has been left plastered in graffiti. This was no criminal act, however, as the work has been carried out by local youngsters who have spent the summer holidays painting the wall at Southmead Crescent Playground in order to brighten up the area. The project was organised by Zena Hodgson of Active Learning and Skills and was run by Nick Halahan of Olas Art, with funding being provided by Crewkerne Town Council.

A spokesman for the town council said: "The aim was to brighten up a newly rebuilt wall in the playground and I think it would be very true to say that was definitely a positive result.

Read more: 

Posted on Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

New Adel Beck Secure Photos with The WY Fire Service

Some new photos from this week's session at Adel Beck Secure. Some great artwork was done by Adams House based on topics of road safety after their three week course with The West Yorkshire Fire Service about the risks of joyriding, driving under the influence and who are the victims of road collisions. "Think the road is a game? Yolo mate, game over". To see these photos, click Workshops on the left, then scroll down to the folder 'YOT & Secure Homes'. Big up Callum, Lewis, Kain, Ethan & P.K. for their determination and imagination on a potentially boring theme.


Posted on Friday 15th of May 2015

Social Action Youth Project: Young Bristol

I have been working with Young Bristol, delivering the SAY Project in a few schools across Bristol: Merchants Academy in Hareclive, St. Bernadettes in Whitchurch and Cotham School.

The SAY Project was:

"Social Action for Youth (SAY), was a Cabinet Office funded pilot programme to engage with year 10 and 11 students. From January 2014 to March 2015, Young Bristol engaged 90 young mentors (year 10 and 11) and 120 young volunteers (years 6-9) across Bristol.

The aims of the project were to:

  1. Put young mentors through an NOCN Level 2 Youth Work qualification
  2. Enable young mentors to develop communication, team work and leadership skills.
  3. Give young people a voice and a platform to identify and tackle community based issues so that they could make a positive impact on the places where they live.
  4. Embed social action and volunteering as a natural pathway for children and young people."

"Last term’s ‘SAY Project’ students produced an amazing piece of work that has been placed in the Bearpit in town for all to see." (Merchants Academy Newsletter) This piece of artwork was done on the theme of stereotypes and reputation. The young people involved wanted to express how they felt that once you had got a reputation for something it was really hard to change peoples expectations of you.

Posted on Wednesday 6th of May 2015

Youth Work with Gypsy & Traveller Video

Short video with Kathleen Morrison giving her views on how services can engage with young people at the Gypsy and Travellers site, Cottingley Springs, Leeds. Olas Art has been doing graffiti art workshops on site, and the young people have been making all sorts of artwork, including many memorial pieces dedicated to friends and family of theirs who have died. Travellers have the lowest life expectancy in the whole of the UK, with 1/3 dieing before they reach 59yrs.

To watch the video: Click here 


Posted on Thursday 6th of November 2014

Restorative Art @ Shirehampton Primary School

After meeting pupils and staff from Shirehampton Primary School at a Restorative Bristol workshop in 2014, I was asked to deliver a series of graffiti art workshops, where we would design and paint murals in the playground that explored Restorative Approaches to conflict. I worked with students from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

Year 6 students who wanted to use the weather to symbolise the emotions that they felt during and after a conflict. One student described the anger that she felt when she first heard that her friend had insulted her behind her back, likening this anger to a violent storm, and the dark cloud that she felt after they had argued. After a fellow pupil intervened they both expressed their understanding of the situation, and realised that the rumour had exaggerated what had actually been said. In light of this, they both made up by shaking hands, and said sorry to each other, which was when the sun came out and they felt happy again.

This has now been added to the Restorative Bristol, which has more infomation on what is happening in Bristol to resolve conflict with ways other than revenge and punishment. 

Posted on Thursday 6th of November 2014

Atkinson Secure Children's Home - Exeter

In August I worked at the Atkinson Secure Children's Home in Exeter for the first time, doing Graffiti Art Workshops with the young people living there. I approached them after coming across their website and seeing that they were leading the way with Restorative Approaches. 

"Atkinson is a secure children’s home managed by Devon County Council. We provide a secure environment for young people aged 10-17 who have been admitted to our Home under the Section 25 Welfare Secure Order process . This is because they are a serious risk to themselves or others, and/or because they have a history of absconding from previous placements. Atkinson works with a team of professionals, including a full CAMHS  to help young people reduce their risk and return to a positive lifestyle in the community."

"Atkinson has developed significantly in restorative approaches to young people’s are in the last two years. This has seen a significant shift in the ethos of the home. Children are encouraged to think about the effects their behaviour has on others and supported in talking about their emotions and the emotions of others.

Restoring balance and rebuilding damaged relationships is at the heart" of restorative practice here at the Atkinson, and although challenging for children to work with at times, helps us achieve reduced levels of risk and increases the positive life choices children make both in the Atkinson and upon release."

Read more on the Atkinson Secure Children's Home website:

Posted on Monday 6th of October 2014

New Eastmoor Photos

Well done lads, great attitudes and positivity in this session, everyone supporting each other to represent whatever they were into - from Hugo Boss to a tractor. My faviourite quote from the day was Jordan's - Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Big up! 

Posted on Friday 13th of June 2014

Bristol Playbus on ITV News

Over the last few weeks I have been painting a Sensory Truck which is "a mobile sensory room incorporating the best of the latest technology, designed to take magical experiences directly to the doors of disabled children and their families."

Bristol Playbus were granted £50,000 for the Sensory Truck after being voted winners on ITV's program, People's Millions.

"Disability in some deprived parts of Bristol affects as many as 16% of children – three times that of the general population. In our own survey -financial barriers and access to transport were cited as the two biggest barriers to accessing specialist services. By providing a FREE , mobile service The Sensory Truck promises to address both these barriers in one go, improving the quality of life for disabled children and their families across the region, taking their services directly to the doors of those children who are most in need."


Contact Kate Hanchard-Godwin on 0117 9551561 or email
FACEBOOK 'Playbus Sensory Experience'

Posted on Tuesday 29th of April 2014

Temple Records on BBC

Olas Art supported young people in the designing of the Temple Records logo, which the young people decided to base on the Temple Meads Train station building, which the name Temple records was also inspired by. Combined with influence from the nortorious Parental Guidance logo.

As featured on the BBC, see the video:

 "A new Bristol record company has been set up by young people - for young people. Temple Records, with help from the Creative Youth Network, aims to support and develop new artists as they take their first steps into the music business."

"Temple Records is a record label for young, aspiring musicians in Bristol – organised and created by young people. This exciting project supported by Creative Youth Network is looking to discover unsigned artists in the wealth of Bristol’s musical scene. We aim to raise the profile of these musicians and give them the opportunity to not only work within the trade but to also build relations with industry professionals."



Big up everyone involved! 


Posted on Monday 28th of April 2014

Restorative Bristol & Art as a Restorative Approach

There is a big movement going on in Bristol at the moment, pushing Restorative Approaches to the forefront of how harm and conflict are dealt with in the city. Check out the new website, which will tell you more about the Resortative Values, Approaches and Events happening both nationally and in Bristol: <a href="http://www."></a>

Olas Art has been made a Restorative Practioner in Bristol, which I am very pleased about. Tommy Jarvis at RB got in touch after being refered my details by the Bristol YOT, and initally I wasn't sure how the art workshops that I do would fit in to RJ. However Tommy pointed out that the work that I have been doing with the young people who have been given Reparation hours to complete has been Restorative. Their offences have harmed the community, so by them then producing positive artwork in public places that are hot spots for anti-social behaviour and crime, goes some way to resorting a positive and happier community. This would be consider indirect Rj, where as direct RJ would be where the offender meets the person that they have harmed.

Posted on Thursday 13th of March 2014

The Mill Easton & Meadowvale

 Well done to all the crew who came to the urban art session at The Mill in Easton, Bristol. Big shout out to Raed, Miki, Fitzos and all the LPW dream team.

Also a big shout out to all the young people who attended the Meadowvale Community Day event last week, Billy, Harley, Lou, Drew, Mia, Rhianna and all the Play Bus staff who were cooking the burgers and keeping the fire stocked up. 

Posted on Thursday 13th of March 2014

Mario & Luigi Painted Van

Just finished Craig's Mario Brother's plumbing themed van. Craig is a plumber currently working in London, and he gave me expert advise regarding the technicalities of plumbing, and how Mario would be fixing the problem from a high level sisten toilet. While Ruscoe was the Mario games expert, pointing out that although the green mushrooms gave you an extra life, it was important to get the Mega Mushroom on there too, which makes you turn into a  super-sized Mario. Combined with my painting skills this is the result...I didn't finish it till midnight, so am waiting to get some daylight photos to follow soon!

Posted on Thursday 13th of March 2014

Eastmoor Photos Dec 2013

Just before Christmas we had a very productive session at Eastmoor, there are some new photos up on here:

Again, the lads were keen to make presents for friends, family and members of staff. Respect!

Posted on Monday 6th of January 2014

NEW Eastmoor Secure Home photos

After another very productive session at Eastmoor, there are some new photos up on here:

Again, the lads were keen to make presents for friends, family and members of staff. Respect!

Posted on Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Knowle West, Choices LPW

Here are some new photos from a project we are doing at Eagle House in Knowle West, in partnership with Choices LPW. The young people are producing artwork to decorate and bring a fresh vibe to the youth centre. See photos here, including Jamie's hunting themed canvases:


Posted on Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Hyde Park Source Interview

Hyde Park Source are an organisation based in Leeds that support young people that are struggling with mainstream education, and they support them to work on hands-on building projects, renovating school playgrounds and bin yards for example. I started volunteering with HPS for one day a week in 2008, and over the year they inspired and supported me to set up as a freelance workshop practitioner.

Here's a link to an interview I did with recently:

Posted on Tuesday 5th of November 2013

East Moor Secure Children's Home

 Some new photos up from a brilliant day long session at the East Moor Secure Children's Home. Click Workshops on the left and then go to YOT & Secure Homes folder.

They produced some great artwork and displayed great character and attitude through the session. So many of them wanted to do ones for other people, like their Mums, cousins, little sisters and staff the centre. Like Lewis who made a canvas for his uncle Scott, Jordan who made two for a member of staff and Jake who made one for his Mum.

Below is a good short video about East Moor and the philosophy they adopt to reduce reoffending.

Also some new pics from Hyde Park Unity Day 2013! 

Posted on Thursday 1st of August 2013

Prince's Trust Website Feature

"A group of Fairbridge young people in Bristol teamed up with graffiti artist Nick Halahan of OlasArt to create their own art work..."Latest Bristol graffiti art project now has a feature on The Prince's Trust website. Click link below:

Also new additions to the Testimonial's section, including a new one from Daniel Busfield at Positive Futures, Leeds and this clip from The Prince's Trust:

"The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme works with some of the hardest to reach young people, including those with mental health issues, challenging behaviour, or young offenders. It is often difficult to engage them in arts courses, but Nick was extremely well prepared and had something to suit all needs." (Natalie Redd, July 2013.)

Posted on Tuesday 16th of July 2013

Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes Experiment Vid

Wicked little video about racism, where a group of kids take part in an experiement where they are judged by the colour of their eyes, well worth a watch!

"Ms. Jane Elliott's "brown eyes, blue eyes" experiment in 1970 (the third one after her first in 1968). This "Eye of Storm" documentary was made by William Peters in 1970 for ABC News and later included in the documentary "A Class Divided" (1985), which included a class reunion (of 1984.)

The most telling moment is when Russell used "brown eyes" as a derogatory term to call John name, only a couple of hours through. Though, the experiment was too short to allow it to get to the point when a "brown-eyes" person does so to another fellow "brown-eyes" person.

Posted on Friday 5th of July 2013

New Bristol Workshop Pics

Yes yes! New pics from new projects in a new city. Check out new pics in the 'Art with Messages' and 'Pick N Mix' folders. Highlights for me is Lee's piece about the pressure of how hard it is to move away from bad habits when people still associate you with things you did ages ago:

"Don't judge me by my past...I don't live there anymore"

Big up to Will, Tevel, Ben, Kelsey, Mitch and all the crew at Easton Millponds, the Station, Cabot Primary School and the Princes Trust.


Posted on Friday 5th of July 2013

Workshop @ Leeds City Museum

 "As part of our campaign to brighten up Leeds City Museum, Leeds Youth Offending Services came down to do some pieces of graffiti artwork. They wanted to look at the stories of amazing women as part of International Women’s Day, and we have some pretty cool women we could show them – including Leonora Cohen. Leonora was a suffragette from Harehills who smashed up a glass case in the Tower of London as part of her campaign for women to get the vote. The group looked at Leonora’s story and then spray painted some boards showing their own thoughts, stories and feelings about women who inspire them. They worked with artists Nick Halahan and Jake Gardiner to help bring their ideas to life.

Their artwork is on display at Leeds City Museum, in the community corridor, until July 2012, so come on down to see it, and to find out more about Leeds’s very own heroine, Leonora Cohen."

See more here:

Posted on Wednesday 19th of June 2013

OlasArt with CYN Bristol

OlasArt is now providing graffiti art workshops and spray paint mural service to areas in an around Bristol Gloucestershire!!

I have teamed up with Creative Youth Network, who are a youth work charity who 'give young people the chance to unlock their potential'. I am currently delivering 2x sessions a week with 2x different groups of young people that are not in mainstream school due to issues like low confidence and self-esteem. So far they are doing brilliantly by bringing ideas, creativity and dedication to the session. Pics soon come!

You can see more about CYN and my bio on the tutors page here:

Posted on Thursday 30th of May 2013

Best Gang Documentary: One Mile Away

 One Mile Away Documentary addresses the negative impact of gang culture in Birimingham: great inside footage with the main manz involved telling their side of the story and their ideas on how to unite two deprived inner city areas that have been beefing and fighting for over 10 years, the Burger Bar Boys and the Johnson Crew.

See it here for free, highly recommened:

(Only available on 4od till 11th of May so watch it soooon!)

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

Add Olas Art on FACEBOOK

 Got a Olas Art facebook now, so please add me to keep in touch with the latest and hottest news. Keep the link!

Search for 'Olas Art on

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

S.Leeds Stadium Mural Video

Finally a blog update!

Been hectic - heres a video with Klone, Olas and Eject at the South Leeds Stadium in Middleton. Painted as part of the Olympic Legacy in Leeds mural. Big up to Bear Beats on the soundtrack:

Posted on Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

NEW: Paintin on wheels

Finally got round to uploading a few new photos from over the summer - personal faviourites is the Unity mural in the commissions section, and some of the new vechicles painted at Eden and Knockengorroch festivals - like the Geordies trailer, and Hugh's boat.

Posted on Monday 15th of October 2012

NEW: Bradford YOT photos

Big shout out to all the young people on the Bradford YOT program, you can see your canvases on here in the Workshops > Brad YOT section.

Posted on Monday 15th of October 2012

NEW: CarCover Vid + YOT!

I think this is the best doc that has been made on an Olas Art project since est. in 2008! Big up everyone involved: R'Keya, Mickey, Rakeem, Nathan, Jake Gardiner, Youth Offending Team, Stretch, Specialised, Radio Frequency, Garnet Dore and of course Chloe Plumb for film editing!!! Leeds May 2012. Might get this shown at the Millenium Square.

Check the video section above so watch it.

Posted on Wednesday 30th of May 2012

NEW VIDS: Nintendo & RadioFreqFM

Check the video section for 4x new videos, including the Zomby beetle car painted with youths at Nacro in Miggy, the Donovan Centre, the Nintendo Production at Beeston, and the new pieces at the Radio Frequency FM Studio!!

Also new pics in the workshop>pick n mix  folder by Sanchez and Kani at Palace in CPT, and the Little London crew.

Posted on Monday 9th of April 2012

Leeds' new graffiti shop

Leeds has a new spray paint and marker suppliers, near Tribe and the Corn Exchange, called Artofficial...big up the Bretski for running tings.


Dont think theyve got a website but if you type 'artofficial' into facebook you should find them:

13 Crown Court, LS2 7DG, Leeds

 0113 243 3414


Posted on Wednesday 21st of March 2012

Pirate Radio Documentary Leeds

Documentary about the underground music pirate station, Radio Frequency, from Leeds 90.4fm. On ITV, interviews with Shock Steppa and more...been painting their new studio so watch out for the vid coming soon with Hack and Klone.

Posted on Tuesday 13th of March 2012

Listen: Leeds Young Mcs, Speak To The Streets

Check out music by young people from Chapeltown, Beeston and Wortley made in recent workshops with Speak to the Streets, Swagga Family and Lifeforce. Check em out man! Personal faviourites...

2. Money - Evan ft. Elijah, Levite, Nkid, DBoy (money love)

3. Weeping bass - J.A.M (banging bassline)

7. War Song - Scott (conscious lyrics)

9. When I get Older - Evan ft. Dboy, Nkid (one for the haters!)

16. Am Down - Evan ft Gemini, DBoy, NKid 

"young fam, fix up you can look sharp, dont let them say ya dumb, you can be smart"

Posted on Thursday 12th of January 2012

Pauline vid on ISSP Brad Nacro

 Pauline is a project worker on Nacro's Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP) in Bradford. Here she describes the kind of young people she works with and recounts what they get out of working in the arts and media. I learnt a lot from working with Pauline, if only there were more of her!

Check the vid here:,153,NAP.html?Ppage=com.othermedia.nacro.model.NacroArticleHandle-L-153

Posted on Wednesday 11th of January 2012

Worldly Women Exhibition @ Leeds Museum


Positive ID Women Around the World Exhibition

Local Artist, Jake Gardiner
Local Artist, Jake Gardiner
Leeds Getaway Girls
Leeds Getaway Girls

From Friday 21 October, the free exhibition entitled ‘Positive ID: Stories of Women around the World’ showcases the work by 15 young women from the Leeds Getaway Girls project in response to objects and stories from Leeds Museums and Galleries as well as the experiences of local women in they met and interviewed.

The group split the stories they heard and objects they discovered from visits to Leeds City Museum and the Leeds Museum Discovery Centre into three themes: ‘women and beauty’, ‘women who have moved here’ and ‘women who inspire us’.

They then worked with artists Jake Gardiner, Nick Halahan and Marcia Brown to produce large graffiti art and canvas pieces reflecting their responses to what they had learned and heard. These works will now be on display in the public corridor display space at the museum off Millennium Square until January 8 2012.

The project was organised by Leeds City Council and Getaway Girls, a programme which has been running in Leeds since 1987 offering young women the chance to explore and develop skills and friendships through creative projects and experiences.

The project was also supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘Young Roots’ programme, and is part of the Precious Cargo and Stories of the World elements of the Cultural Olympiad for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, which focus on giving young people the chance to explore and have a role in developing local cultural attractions.

Posted on Wednesday 11th of January 2012

'We Are Poets' LYA

 Watched a film about Leeds Young Authors from Chapeltown at HPark cinema last week and it was ACE! The docu was about them going to compete in a poetry slam in America, (which reminded me of Dont Flop rap battles. They didnt qualify the first year, but went back the second and came 2nd in the WORLD! Diamonds in the dust, check them out here:

1) We are Poets trailer:


Posted on Friday 7th of October 2011

Photos Jun-Aug

 Just uploaded some new pics; personal faviourites Daz and Franks pieces in the Pick n mix workshop folder, kailumes ride by it die by it, jo's black jaguar van in the painting on wheel gallery, and the boxing mural in the commissions section...

Posted on Thursday 4th of August 2011

Hack n ogre free!

Hack and Ogre have been released on a 2 month 7pm curfew, which doesnt stop painting through the day in the sun with a dutch pot at the Chapletown Football Youth centre on Scott Hall road, click the foto on the right...the boys are back in town!

Posted on Thursday 4th of August 2011


Graffiti writers Hack and Ogre of the NKA crew, were both sentenced to 8 months in prison on 3rd May 2011. Which seems totally crazy when only yestaday I heard on the news politicians scratching their heads on how to reduce the prison population...they are thinking of reducing custodial sentences for rape if the offender pleads guilty early...another way would be to have not sent Hack and Ogre down but instead get them using their top quality artistic skills on projects that benifit the community.  


See flicks and read more at:

Stay strong Hack and Ogre you have our full support!!!!! 


Posted on Friday 20th of May 2011

Mural BDF city cente

Rap artist Philip Charles and graffiti artist Nick Halahan have been working with a group of year 9 pupils from Challenge College and a group of senior citizens from Thorpe Edge over a series of workshops to explore the Past, Present and Future of Bradford’s diverse community.


See the link here, photos to come:

Posted on Friday 22nd of April 2011

Big Brother Bradford

We ve now got a big brother diary room at this project in Bradford, West Bowling which is going down a treat! They go in there to talk to the camera about their art, what they like and dont like about it, how to improve it and how they did it....Week 6 in the big brother house.

Its a referal place from schools, and their working towards the Arts Award and the diary rooms proving to be alot easier way of doing an evaluationof their work compared to worksheets!

Posted on Sunday 20th of February 2011

Subaru astra fails MOT

My vauxhall astra that was spray painted up at a workshop in Little London like a hydbrid Subaru Ferrari failed its MOT and has now been scraped...a sad sad day. The MOT man said it might look good but its a rusty piece of car...

Posted on Tuesday 28th of September 2010

12x Bronze Awards @ PRU!

Well done to the 12 young people who were attending the Get Set Go pupil refferal unit in West Bowling, Bradford. The Arts Award moderator came and assessed their graffiti art folders and awarded all 12 of them Level Bronze Arts Award. A big success considering that they were the first young people to achieve accreditation at the centre.

Posted on Tuesday 28th of September 2010

Fire Safety workshops

Over the summer holidays we did a series of graffiti art workshops on fire and road safety themes. It was based at the old fire station on Stanningley Road in partnership with the Youth Inclusion Project YIP and Seagulls.

Posted on Saturday 31st of October 2009

CHIVA homeless mural

Leeds Housing employed us to produce a big mural with young people who are in temporary accomodation at Richmond Court. This mural was on the theme of what the young people associated with 'home'. It will be displayed at the housing office on StGeorges Street in Leeds centre.

Posted on Saturday 31st of October 2009

Peace int Park mural


Peace In The Park is like a Sheffield version of Hyde Park Unity Day, painted next to the Electrode sound system with a top crew of painters.

Posted on Sunday 19th of July 2009

Lawnswoods school mural


Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Graffiti group wins awards

05/03/09: At the Vision Volunteering awards ceremony the graffiti group won both Best Volunteer Project of the Year and Most Creative Group.

Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

The Mighty Diamonds

One of the best reggae bands will be playing in Shrewsbury at the Buttermarket, dubclub with OlasArt work on display. April 2nd

Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Yorkshire Evening Post


Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Urban Arts Towers


Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Tackle it project


Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Jah Tubbys rock dubclub

Jah Tubbys sound system playing at the Shrewsbury dubclub.

Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Jack Straw at Urban Arts workshop

28th November 2008<br/>Jack Straw and Ed Balls visited the Lazer centre to meet young people who take part in the youth projects including the urban arts workshops, where participants have the opportunity to get a qualification for graffiti art (Arts Award).
They came in with a massive crew of photographers, journalists and bodyguards, and the young people told them how much they enjoyed sketching and spray painting at the sessions.CLICK HERE to see it in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009

Unity Day fundraiser 2008

Live spray painting in the tennis courts next to Hyde Park corner, with djs, visuals, and pancakes as a fundraiser for Unity Day 2008.

Posted on Monday 16th of March 2009